Apple Retail

Internal communications

Apple Retail

April 2011—January 2014


Inform and inspire employees at Apple Stores worldwide.

Where most companies outsource the more imaginative elements of their internal comms, Apple keeps everything in-house. So in my three years there, I was able to work on some hugely creative campaigns.

The work
Working at Apple was a lot like being in a creative agency. A really, really big one. We had account managers, writers, and designers. Our clients were internal business partners. The work was creative, commercial, and incredibly diverse. We often collaborated across timezones to get things done.

Unfortunately, I’m bound by confidentiality on how much detail I can go into about all of that.

So instead, here’s an overview of the many subjects I wrote about during my time at Apple Retail.

  • Apps, arts, media and entertainment
  • Best practices and procedures
  • Business
  • Employee engagement
  • Employee training and graduate programmes
  • Finance and payroll
  • Human resources
  • In-store events
  • Internal recruitment and career progression
  • Legal policies
  • Marketing initiatives and services
  • People and places
  • Product knowledge and employee perks
  • Product launches
  • Seasonal campaigns
  • Store operations, supply, and inventory
  • Technical systems and information technology
  • Telecommunications, tariffs, and related services
  • Visual merchandising