UL Solutions Employer Brand Development

Activating the client's chosen creative route
UL Solutions

Q3 2023


Develop the employer brand chosen by UL Solutions, convincing them to purchase the route by showing the full scope of the idea and how it might be brought to life.

After the conceptual stage, UL Solutions decided to go with the sixth and final route for their employer brand: At the center of safety is you. However, to get buy-in from internal stakeholders and finally get the deal signed and the EB purchased, they asked Ph.Creative’s team to generate more ideas that could show how the brand could be brought to life.

The work
This deck was all about showing how the EB could be brought to life. We focused on two approaches to this. The first was showing how the two different kinds of photography (brand-level and in-situ) could work with different design types, and how the ‘trail’ effect would adapt in each. The second was expanding our creative ideas to show each photographic approach. This meant coming up with and writing explanations and headlines/body copy for posters, social posts, plus new onboarding and activation ideas. I worked on all of these across the deck. I also played an important part in sourcing images for design by writing prompts for the Discord app’s Midjourney A.I. program to generate the vast majority of people images you can see in the deck.

The result
The client loved the work and ended up purchasing the route and creative activations.

See for yourself
Browse below to see the final deck.

Click the image to open the deck



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