Banking on a Better Christmas

Animated agency digital Christmas card concept

December 2023

Digital Emailer

Working with a designer in a creative team, write the text for an animated digital Christmas card to send to agency clients.

Each year employer brand agency Ph.Creative sends a Christmas card to its clients and corporate contacts – often along with a small goodwill gift to say thanks for the year’s partnership. In 2022, however, the agency took the decision to donate that gift budget to food banks in their clients’ names. The Christmas card that year had to relay that message, while staying suitably heartwarming.

The work
The copy below was one of the approaches I took for writing copy. You’ll notice it’s presented across six frames, which together show how the messaging was designed to appear once animated.

See for yourself
Browse below to read the card.


Click an image to read the copy

Frames 1-2

Frames 3-4

Frames 5-6


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