Behind The Game

Pitch video for B2C gaming/gambling business

April 2023


Write a one-minute video script that would allow Entain to market its career potential in alignment with a major sporting moment: the 2023 Europa League Final.

Entain is the home of some of the world’s biggest betting brands, including Ladbrokes and Coral. As part of their recruitment strategy, Entain wanted to show potential new recruits how a role there could see them contribute to major sporting events. In this instance, the event chosen was the 2023 Europa League Final.

The work
I was tasked with writing an initial conceptual treatment for the video, which included deciding on a visual ‘hook’ – which ended up being the vertical ‘flip’ effect that mimicked the spin of the Entain ‘E’ logo. Once this treatment was approved, I then fleshed it out with the wording for the narration that you hear in the final video. The video itself was used as part of a wider pitch to the Entain team by Ph.Creative.

See for yourself
Browse below to read the initial treatment and watch a (low-res) cut of the video that resulted from it.


Video treatment text

We open on the message ‘Europa League Final, 31st May’ front and centre over a panning shot of a stadium or football pitch. The wording ‘flips’ on its Y axis like the Entain logo in the ‘We Are Entain’ video. It reveals the words ‘Behind the game’ as Entain-supplied football footage plays behind. For instance, A player throws the ball in. A shot is taken. A referee shows a card. A goalkeeper saves the ball.

We cut to a shot of a lead programmer from the Ladbrokes app speaking to camera. She introduces herself and explains that at Entain, “We’re all about directly contributing to the excitement of major sporting events.” She then details the brand’s approach to half time quizzes on the Ladbrokes app as the shot cuts first to footage of the app, then of Entain employees working together.

We then cut to the end card which contains Entain’s Advanced Responsibility and Care™ logo and houses the end line:

Help enhance the excitement of major sporting events.

Narration text

“Hey, I’m Anya, one of the lead developers at Entain. You may have seen my work on the Ladbrokes Half Time Quiz. What I love about my job is we get to directly contribute to the excitement of major sporting events, and on projects like this I get to dive into a sea of data and turn it into real experiences for our players to have fun with.”

Pitch video