Briefing Document and Workflow

Establishing an efficient briefing process

Resourceful Marketing

June 2017

Digital/printed briefing document.

Create a briefing document and workflow which could allow Resourceful Marketing to brief creatives in an organised, structured manner, and archive briefs for later reference if required.

In a copywriting career spanning over a decade so far, one thing I’ve come to rely on more than anything else is a good, solid brief. So when I started working with Resourceful, I was dismayed to discover they didn’t have an established briefing process.

I offered to produce a document and workflow so that, whether it was myself or another creative working with them in future, they would be able to provide freelancers with all of the information needed for a project in one hit, and catalogue all projects in an organised fashion – saving everyone time and money in the process.

The work
Using Microsoft Word, I created a simple template which covered everything a writer or designer might need to know to work effectively with Resourceful. This included not only fields for the details of the work, but also boxes that indicated the deadlines for each person working on the brief – so that, for instance, the copywriter could see how a missed deadline on their end might impact the designer and client deadlines down the line.

Importantly, I included a coding system within the ‘Job no.’ field which allowed Resourceful to file and find briefs easily within their archive. In the example given below, ‘RM’ stands for Resourceful Marketing, indicating the work being produced is for the company itself – eg, a rewrite of the business’s own website.

See for yourself
Browse below to see the briefing document.


Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 03.07.05
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