Happy Birthday BIPI

Insurance figures infographic
The AA Insurance

July 2014


Present the key milestones across 20 years of the AA’s British Insurance Premium Index in a way that felt both easy to follow and celebratory.

For the 20th anniversary of the UK’s longest-running insurance premium tracker, I was asked to work on an infographic that could distil two decade’s-worth of stats down to something an average person could understand and see the importance of.

The work
Taking a wealth of statistical information, I first worked with The AA’s PR team to understand the key highlights. I then wrote a first draft of copy, and worked with a designer to agree a visual concept, before reworking and simplifying. Eventually we ended up with the final design you see below.

See for yourself
Browse below to see the infographic. Alternatively, with that page now archived on the AA website, you can see it here on Web Archive.


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