Happy Christmas from the Gamestation Crew!

Christmas catalogue

December 2009

Web, Print

End the Gamestation catalogue with festive well-wishes to customers.

I was asked to fill the back page of the Gamestation Christmas catalogue with a piece of on-brand copy with a Christmas theme.

The Work
I wrote a poem about all the different new releases customers could play that holiday season. To differentiate from the game brand, this included establishing a Gamestation version of “The Game Team”. “Crew” felt suitably edgy.

See for yourself
Browse below to read the text.

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 17.02.34Happy Christmas from the Gamestation Crew!

Tis the season to be an assassin
A DJ Hero; or even Batman

To be a knight or saboteur
Or play the tune ‘Song 2’ by Blur

To be the King of Iron Fist
Or work off turkey on Wii Fit!

To be a ninja, grown or mini
To be gaming’s answer to Indy

To explore a war-torn New Mombasa
Or make you own superstar wrestler

Perhaps become a Brutal Legend
Or powerslide ’round hairpin bends

Even take your DS to a mate’s
Or play on WoW stupidly late

However you may spend your Christmas
Whether PC, PS3, Wii or Xbox

We hope that you enjoy your day
We’ll see you next year for more great games!

Have a very Mario Christmas!

The GS Crew