Intuitive Surgical EB Videos

Employer brand and job description videos
Intuitive Surgical

February 2023


Script a series of employer brand video showcasing Intuitive Surgical to its employees and potential employees.

Ph.Creative created the Intuitive’s employer brand, summed up by the flexible brand essence line “Prove/Proving what’s possible.” To launch the employer brand, they asked us to create what they called an ‘Anthem’ video along with a suite of what were termed ‘job description videos,’ all using video interviews conducted by Ph before the work on the employer brand had actually commenced.

The work
My job was to use the library of gathered footage and associated transcripts, pulling out the best quotes from a large number of employees and knitting them together to tell a coherent and compelling story around different themes. This meant navigating sometimes complex client feedback and adapting to make sure we captured the absolute best quotes for each video’s short runtime.

See for yourself
Browse below to watch each video.


‘Anthem’ video


Software Engineer video


Sales video


Hardware Engineer video


Manufacturing Engineer video


‘Universal’ (i.e. “working at Intuitive”)  video