Kellogg’s EB Tone of Voice

Employer brand tone of voice as part of wider brand guidelines
Kellogg’s (Although as you’ll see in the PDF, in internal comms they insist on being called ‘Kellogg’). Via Ph.Creative.

November 2022

Social media

Write a tone of voice deck for the Kellogg’s employer brand.

Ph.Creative created the Kellogg’s employer brand, summed up by the brand essence line “So, make it happen.” As part of an employer brand, Ph produce a full suite of creative assets, which collectively are called a toolkit.

The work
On my second day at Ph I was briefed to write the tone of voice (ToV) guide for the Kellogg’s employer brand; an essential part of the wider employer brand toolkit. The purpose of a ToV is to help employees create recruitment and retention campaigns that feel, sound and read authentic to the company’s new employer brand.

See for yourself
Browse below to see a PDF of the wider internal guidelines deck. The ToV guide begins on page five.


Click the image to open the deck

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