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Blog article for Bluebird Care Gosport
Bluebird Care Gosport

May 2021


Write a relevant and Search Engine Optimised (SEOd) monthly blog for the Bluebird Care Gosport website.

In my role at One2create I was responsible for blog content for all of the agency’s clients, including Bluebird Care Gosport (along with additional Bluebird Care branches Worthing and Bournemouth & Poole). In the last month of each quarter I researched and pitched to clients blog topics ideas for the following quarter. This was the approved topic for May 2021.

The work
To write this piece I channeled my inner journalist, reached out to the client who recommended specific team members to speak to, then called them and interviewed each of them. I then worked their quotes into a cogent narrative, sourced all images and published the post myself in the company’s CMS.

See for yourself
Browse below to read the article or see it on the Bluebird Care Gosport website here. You can also see all blog posts I’ve written for the Gosport, Worthing and Bournemouth & Poole branches.


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