NIKE Job Posting Style Guide

Restructuring and rewriting guidelines for hiring managers and talent leads
Nike Inc.

January-February 2024

Digital PDF

Revise, revamp and modernise the existing job posting style guide for NIKE, Jordan and Converse brands to bring it in-line with Ph.Creative’s existing NIKE recruitment collateral.

As a huge multinational corporate, NIKE needs a way of making sure its hiring efforts all feel authentic to the company’s brand, while delivering the right information to candidates in a clear and compelling way. The company does this by providing its hiring managers and talent leads with best practices guides to follow in their recruitment efforts. EB agency Ph.Creative was enlisted to freshen up NIKE’s approach to recruitment branding, and as a writer at Ph I was briefed to work on NIKE’s guide to creating on-brand job postings.

The work
Provided with an initial draft from the company, I began by dramatically restructuring and rewriting NIKE’s job posting style guide in-line with Ph’s own best practices. This was presented to NIKE’s recruitment team, who then asked us to create a middle ground between their old structure and our radical new one which they could use as a softer sell into internal business partners. Following some feedback and a few iterations, this was then designed into the version you can see below.

See for yourself
Browse below to see screenshots of the document or download the full PDF here.