One Beyond Software Development Blogs

B2B editorial for software development business
One Beyond via One2create.

November 2020-October 2022


Write two monthly Search Engine Optimised (SEOd) blog posts for One Beyond that could be circulated as part of the client’s digital marketing.

As part of my role at One2create managing the client blog calendar, I pitched ideas, researched and wrote monthly blogs for software development company One Beyond for my entire two years with the agency.

The work
I researched and wrote two pieces a month designed to position One Beyond as a thought leader in the SaaS (Software as a Service) field. This often meant speaking to subject matter experts within the business, journalist style, and translating that expertise into highly readable, keyword-rich search engine optimised blog copy.

See for yourself
Browse below to see the blog index or visit One Beyond’s blog page.



One Beyond blog index

The Greater Good: Digital Transformation for Non-Profits
What is DevOps and Why Should You Adopt its Approach?
Why Continuous Security Checks Are Important In Software Development
Solving Your Tech Hiring Challenges with Continuous Development Teams
How to Choose the Best Healthcare CRM Software
IoT Security Vulnerabilities
How Software Helps the Healthcare Industry
‘Shift Left’ and Cyber Security
Why SMEs Should Go Big on Their Digital Offering
Why Application Security Testing Just Makes Sense
Tech Transformation Challenges in the Public Sector
Patient Benefits of Digital Transformation in Healthcare
8 Big Business Benefits of Agile Software Development
What Can IoT Do For Your Business?
What Makes a Great Customer Portal?
Game Changer: Technology in the Sport and Leisure Sector
What are the Digital Challenges Facing the Retail Sector in 2021?
How Technology Can Improve Operational Efficiency
Top 10 Things to Consider Before Building Bespoke Software
Infographic: The Benefits of Team Augmentation
Going Places: How Tech is Transforming Travel and Hospitality
From On-Prem to the Cloud: Why Migrating Makes Sense
Ones and Zeroes: How Banking is Doing Digital
Going Digital: The Changing Face of Healthcare
Mobile App Security: Common Issues and Solutions
Our Top Tips for SaaS Start-Ups
How Technology is Transforming the Retail Sector
The Impact of Digital Transformation on the Construction Industry
Five Books for Software Professionals and Programmers
UX Design: The Past, Present & Future
Digital Transformation in Education & Training
Enterprise Portal Features and Capabilities to Consider
Cloud Migration: Benefits of Moving to the Cloud
The Barriers to Digital Transformation and How to Overcome Them


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