Perk Up

E-commerce microsite

March 2011

Web ( and print (in-store flyers)

Create a perception that the Game brand offers competitive pricing and value for money.

In March 2011 Game’s store and online channels created a six-week-long promotion to counter a public perception that the brand was amongst the most expensive in its market.

As a starter for ten, I was given the title, Perk Up, and the commercial components of the offering: A Game Reward Card loaded with £3 of points; triple reward points on preorders; improved competitive pricing, and numerous ongoing discount promotions.

The work
Partnering closely with the design team, I worked the commercial components into an acrostic spelling P-E-R-K, and wrote copy explaining the benefits of each. This creative and description text was also adapted for in-store flyers (not pictured).

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