Resideo Employer Brand Concepts

Conceptual routes for B2B employer brand project



Create an employer brand for Resideo.

A spinoff of the 130 year-old Honeywell brand and a division of global wholesaler ADI Distribution, US-based Resideo is one of the biggest names in the field of connected smart home technology. When they commissioned Ph Creative to create an employer brand, I was asked to help develop three concepts that could convey Resideo’s significant market position alongside their mission to make homes more secure, more comfortable, and greener for all. This meant working with a designer and creative director to fashion brand essence lines, pen route rationales, and produce the writing around all associated creative.

The work
Owing to our original creative director leaving midway through the project, and ensuing disagreements between the replacement CD and Ph’s strategy team, this was a particularly challenging project! Nonetheless, we were able to create three compelling routes – the first conservatively on-brand, the third more playful, and the middle one sitting somewhere between the two. We then finessed a second set of creative based on client feedback.

The result
Following client feedback to deck one, we were asked to combine the creative from route one ‘The Home of Smart’ with the brand essence line from route two, ‘Further Smarter Together.’ The final creative was successfully purchased by the client and is currently in development as an employer brand.

See for yourself
You can see stills from the different EB routes below or view the complete decks here:

Resideo EB Deck 1 | Resideo EB Deck 2

Click the image to read the copy

Deck 1, Route 1: The Home of Smart

Deck 1, Route 2: Further Smarter Together

Deck 1, Route 3: Connect to Your Inner Pioneer

Deck 2: ‘Further Smarter Together’ brand essence with the creative from ‘The Home of Smart’


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