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Blog article for Dynamite Recruitment
Dynamite Recruitment

April 2022


Write a relevant and Search Engine Optimised (SEOd) monthly blog for the Dynamite Recruitment website.

In my role at One2create I was responsible for blog content for all of the agency’s clients, including Dynamite Recruitment. In the last month of each quarter I researched and pitched to clients blog topics ideas for the following quarter. This was Dynamite’s approved topic for April 2022.

The work
I look at each blogs as a unique problem that can be solved any number of ways. To solve this particular problem I enlisted the help of Executive Mindset Coach Monica Federico, and also used the words of Dynamite founder Matt Fox (who the post was attributed to on Dynamite’s own site).

See for yourself
Browse below to read the article or see it on the Dynamite website here. Or see the entire archive of my blogs for Dynamite here, starting with the piece The Boutique Difference in May 2021.


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