How do I get support for this theme?

I am happy to help you tackle any bugs you find in the theme. All support is handled via the theme’s discussion page on themeforest.net.

To receive support you need to login to the ThemeForest account you used to purchase the theme (this is so your purchase can be verified) and then post your comment or questions on the item discussion page here.

What video formats are supported by the self host video player?

The mediaElement video player can be used on any post using the “video” format, any page or post using the [video] shortcode and on portfolio items.

The embedded video file must be in .mp4 or .avi format. The video player is a HTML5 video player with Flash fallback for older browsers.

How many skins does the theme come with?

Reach includes a dark and light colour scheme which can be chosen under the “Appearance” tab on the theme options page. There are also colour picker options to select the colour of links and buttons.