About me

Because it's nice to know who you're working with.

I am…

An experienced copywriter based in Winchester, UK.

I’ve worked for…Apple_Computer_Logo_rainbow.svg

Game, Gamestation, Apple, The Telegraph, The AA and Gordon Murray Design, plus agencies Oliver Marketing, 23red and Resourceful Marketing.
And along the way, I’ve worked with, or had work approved by Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo, Disney, BAFTA, Bose, British Gas, Paramount Pictures, 3M, Thames Water, Piano.io, Speedster IT and iTunes, amongst many others.

I’ve worked on…

Marketing, editorial, advertorial, social, and internal communications channels.
Writing about all kinds of things. From electronics, events, and entertainment, to services, products, produce, and people.

Screen Shot 2014-01-30 at 17.39.01I specialise in…

Brand voice, digital content, and bringing a commercial story to life in an engaging, human manner.
By making complex things simple. And simple things fun.

I’m also…

An alliteration addict, passionate punster, and compulsive coffee drinker.
(It helps with the deadlines).