Specsavers Branded Recruitment Comms Templates

Long Copy Job Ads and Offer Letter
Specsavers via Ph.Creative

November 2023

Digital and Print Employee Comms

Rewrite Specsavers’ recruitment materials and offer letter in its new employer brand tone of voice.

Ph.Creative created the Draft Kings employer brand, summed up by the brand essence line “Feels like Specsavers.” As part of Ph’s revamp of the company’s hiring efforts, it was asked to look at rewriting the company’s external recruitment comms.

The work
Taking the old, extremely lengthy Specsavers job specs and offer letter, I rewrote the copy into the versions you see below, working in the essence of ‘feels like Specsavers’ throughout the messaging.

See for yourself
Browse below to read the comms.


Click an image to read the copy


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